The UNESCO APNIEVE Centre for Values Education.

Welcome to UNESCO-APNIEVE Australia

UNESCO-APNIEVE is a not-for-profit educational network established by UNESCO in the Asia Pacific region in 1996 to promote international education and values for peace, human rights, democracy, global citizenship and sustainable development through education.

UNESCO-APNIEVE Australia was established in May 2000 and was formally launched by the former Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Alexander Downer on 18 October 2002 in Adelaide, South Australia.

UNESCO-APNIEVE develops learning materials, conducts research and professional development for educators and consults to educational institutions on a wide range of values-related issues to promote peace, justice and sustainability. We have now established a Publishing House and also conduct Research, Professional Consulting and Tutoring Services.

We focus on Values for Integrated and Quality Education for personal and collective peace and sustainable human-centred development. The philosophy is consistent with that expressed in UNESCO-APNIEVE's sourcebook: Learning to Be, for the integrated development of the whole person so that personal and collective peace may follow, and responsibility for ecological stewardship and the preservation of our natural heritage.

We conduct meetings, conferences and workshops for information exchange and for the professional development of educators, leaders and administrators. APNIEVE draws on skills and expertise from many fields, to conduct collaborative research for integrated curriculum development and to develop educational resource materials and videos, to assist teachers in honing their skills for nurturing the development of future leaders and global citizens.

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Recent Publications

  • Quality Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) - Dr J de Leo. 

    A handbook for integrating values, knowledge, skills & quality features of ESD into schooling.

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  • School-Community Involvement - Dr C Gregoric

    The involvement of community and business in schools.

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  • Facilitating language acquisition through multimodal instruction. Dr S Nallaya

    An inquiry into the development of English language proficiency using multimodal instruction.

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  • Malaysian Primary Schools: A cross-cultural comparative study - Dr Nordin Abd Razak

    An extensive comparative study of culturally-based Malaysian Primary Schools.

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  • The Red Carpet. J Madden

    Janice's stories tease into life the threads of love woven into the fabric of her life that link human beings across generations, continents & cultures.

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  • Found him - He's done it -
    Sandra Brett

    A story of loss and grief as a mother struggles to reconcile her son's death in the aftermath of suicide.

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  • Knowledge Sharing for the Development of Learning Resources. Dr. J.E. Harrigan

    A step by step learning experience in sharing knowledge for developing learning resources in schools, communities and the workplace. The e-book is now available on Amazon.

  • From Real to Reel. Folk Dances of India in Bollywood Cinema. Vikrant Kishore

    Representing traditional Indian folk dance forms in the song and dance sequences of contemporary Bollywood cinema. The e-book is now available on Amazon.

  • Coming Publications

  • Grandad's Letters. J Madden

    A sensitive presentation of the wisdom-filled letters of George Madden to his grandchildren in Cheshire and North Wales in the 1970s.

  • Brushstrokes into the World of Mathematics. Drora Booth

    A brilliant analysis of the mathematical patterns found in children's artwork collected over a lifetime of teaching.

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  • We conduct professional development workshops for teachers in a wide range of topics across the Asia Pacific.

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  • Our team of expert educators conducts research and consults to schools, governments and educational institutions.

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