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Teacher Sourcebooks

UNESCO-APNIEVE has produced a series of four teacher sourcebooks based on the UNESCO four pillars of education outlined in the Report of the International Commission for Education for the 21st Century commonly known as the Delors Report. Teacher training workshops are held throughout the Asia Pacific region in Values Education and also to familiarise educators with their use.

The sourcebooks are as follows:

Learning to Live Together
UNESCO-APNIEVE launched its first Sourcebook, Learning to Live Together in Peace and Harmony in December 1998. The Sourcebook was written by experts in international and values education in the Asia-Pacific region. It was inspired by the UNESCO Four Pillars of Education outlined in the Delors Report: Learning: the Treasure Within, in particular the pillar, Learning to Live Together.

Learning to Be
UNESCO-APNIEVE's second sourcebook is entitled:
Learning To Be: A Holistic and Integrated Approach to Values Education for Human Development
Core values and the valuing process for developing innovative practices for values education toward a Culture of Peace and International Understanding
This sourcebook identifies the core values in all 8 dimensions of the human person (ie physical, intellectual, moral/ethical, aesthetic, socio-cultural, economic, political and spiritual) needed for the development of the whole person. It also presents the valuing process as part of a teaching/learning cycle applicable to any area of learning content.

Learning to Do
A third sourcebook was launched in March 2005, with funding from the Bonn International Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training, entitled:
Learning to Do: Values for learning and working together in a Globalised World
This publication is of particular relevance to the field of technical and vocational education and training, adult and community education, workplace training, school to work transition and enterprise education programs.

Learning to Know
The fourth and final sourcebook in this series is entitled:
Learning to Know for a Peaceful and Sustainable Future
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